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Idioma original: «You will notice that virtually all the activist organizations in the environmental , social and political movements of the day always exclude the market system itself as a determinant of harmful effects». Nota: en relación a sobre como somos condicionados para defender

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issue because it goes to the core of all I believe in: justice, public health, world hunger, and environmental quality. Other people should care about this because defines who they are. Animal rights is not so much about "them" as it is about us». Alex Hershaft Fuente: Kistler, John M

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Victorian England: Infant Feeding in Literature and Society 1837-1857.» Tropical Pediatrics and Environmental Child Health , agosto de 1978. Enlaces externos [ editar ] Este artículo fue creado a partir de la traducción del artículo Elizabeth Gaskell de la Wikipedia en inglés, bajo